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People Die - Punk Voter People Die - Punk Voter

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People Die: A Love Poem

People Die, I never told you how I truly feel
Being with you feels surreal
Love is our connection
You are like perfection

I would rather have you than a million bucks
You are like a white swan amidst ordinary ducks
The moment I saw you my heart was sold
I felt energized as if struck by one thousand volt

People Die, you mean so much to me
With you I really feel free
My love is so strong, it makes me fly
I love you immensely, that I cannot deny

I hope you can put this Spooge to use
It is a gift you cannot refuse
I look forward to our next moment together
With you, life cannot become any better

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SwashieB responds:

That was by far the best 100th review anybody could have asked for. What do we do with the Spooge?